If you love a good taco, Barrio Brothers Express in Tauranga Crossing is one to put on your list! 

Situated in Tauranga Crossing’s Garden Eateries, Barrio Brothers is open 9am until 6pm every day (except for Thursday when it’s open until 9pm).

The eatery provides an all-star Mexican menu – tacos, fajitas, burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, enchiladas (you name it, they’ve probably got it), all made with fresh, locally- sourced ingredients.

If you haven’t already tried Barrio Brothers (you’re missing out!), all you need to know is that the restaurant is known for its vibrant and fresh cuisine, that’s packed full of natural flavour and colour.

Barrio means ‘neighbourhood’ in Spanish, so sharing delicious food with friends and family is
what they’re all about – and certainly what I’d recommend.

We ordered the Quesadilla de Pollo (chicken quesadilla), which was made with shredded chicken, cheese, and topped with guacamole and tomato salsa, along with the Pumpkin & Jalapeno burrito – a delicious combination of roast pumpkin, jalapeno jam, salad greens, aioli, rice & pumpkin seeds. We also shared some nacho chips + guacamole on the side!

I highly recommend all of the above, but my highlight was definitely the pumpkin and jalapeno burrito. It was packed full of fresh ingredients and kept me full for the rest of the day (also how good is roast pumpkin?!).

I absolutely loved my Mexican spread and highly recommend this little slice of Mexico to anyone who’s had a big day shopping at Tauranga Crossing!

Check out their website and social media for daily deals and specials.