BIG NEWS. Some of you will know this, but we have a new mall in Tauranga! Tauranga Crossing has just opened in the Lakes and not only is it full of epic stores but it has AMAZING eateries too.

To celebrate its opening, I will be doing monthly reviews of some of the different eateries at The Observatory, The Garden Eateries and The Millyard at Tauranga Crossing. The first restaurant I chose was Bird on a Wire… when I heard they were opening at Tauranga Crossing

First impressions: Fresh and healthy! ‘

I had a ginger and lemon kombucha, the zucchini and a salad. Viv (who came along) had the burger and their signature chicken!

The starter of courgette!

The kitchen! They make their salads fresh every day. Viv’s burger…

I chatted to the Head Chef Ashish Amin for all of the Bird on A Wire Eateries and found out some facts for you:

  • All the chickens Bird On A Wire use are free range and from the Waikato
  • Bird On A Wire was originally started by 3 friends in 2005: Camille, Sophie, and Ben
  • The first Bird On A Wire was opened in Ponsonby Auckland
  • Bird On The Wire now has 4 stores
  • The Bird On A Wire menu revolves around their free-range chicken, their freshly made salads and their nutritious menu options.
  • Bird On A Wire uses a special brine process to make their chicken tender

I loved getting to try what Bird On A Wire had to offer, so if you’re in Tauranga and you want a fresh, filling meal I highly recommend Bird On A Wire. Definitely a good place to start my monthly reviews!

Bird On A Wire is Open until 10pm every night!