Vegetarian or vegan?

I’m not ‘exclusively’ either but as I’m primarily plant-based I often look for the plant-based foodie option at eateries I visit.

Recently my friend and I went on an eatery tour of Tauranga Crossing, trying some of the delicious plant-based dishes at their cafes/restaurants

Our first stop: The Coffee Club. The Coffee Club has an extensive menu and impressive cabinet full of delicious (plant-based) options. We opted for a plant-based coffee, cake and potato rosti topped with mushrooms and avocado.

Our next stop: The Barrio Brothers Express. We knew fresh Mexican food often has great vegetarian options and they certainly didn’t disappoint.
Our “naked burrito'”, roast pumpkin taco and authentic Mexican corn chips made for a healthy and delicious vegetarian lunch.

With our bellies full, we couldn’t fit any more places to review in. However, as I’m a regular Tauranga Crossing food enthusiast, I would like to give honorable mentions to the below vegetarian options.

If you’re after a flavour packed salad or delicious vegetarian options – Hawker and Roll always provides (a personal favourite of mine)

Or if you’re after a delicious meal (like the one above) and a sweet treat and a tea, the Majestic Tea Bar is the place for you. Located near the main entrance to Tauranga Crossing, it’s the perfect place to meet for morning tea or lunch.

For now, that’s all from me! Let me know your favourite vegetarian eats and what your go-to Tauranga Crossing eatery is over on my Instagram @tastefullytash

Tauranga Crossing is open 7 days a week and is located at the Lakes in Tauranga!