My Story

My life story goes a little like this.

I grew up (and currently live) in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

I started my Instagram @tastefullytash about 3 years ago at uni as an asset to my degree. I realised there was something in it when I was graduating and my Instagram was getting me more opportunities than my degree.

As a creative, I never thought my photography or art could be my career… but Instagram has given me a global portfolio.

It’s taken me from New Zealand to Sydney to live in LA. I’ve collaborated on 3 books, worked with brands all over the world and met the most incredible community of like-minded creatives and business owners.

Ace the Gram (the company I co-own with my business partner Vivien Conway) is the way in which I feel I can give back. Instagram changed my life and I want to show other brands and businesses how to use it as an effective marketing/personal branding tool.

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