Product Photography 101


Welcome to your product photography bible that contains ALL the secrets I’ve learned over the last 8 years of photography!

As you know, if your content on social media is poor quality, it makes your brand/personal brand look poor quality.

When your content is unique, professional and beautiful- that’s what people are going to associate with you.
In making this guide, I dove into the whole process from concept to shooting to editing and posting.., and realised there are actually A LOT of little tips that add up to why photos look good or bad.

SO… this is your content bible, broken down to help you nail the content look perfect for your brand/personal brand!

  • Equipment you will need
  • Your DIY kit for creating professional backdrops, props etc.
  • Shooting the actual content: what you need to know.
  • Styling 101 – all the things you need to know about food/product styling
  • The apps/programs and settings to make your photos pop.
  • Final tips that make the final impression!

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