The Influencer Bible – Monetise Your Talents!


Want to collaborate with your dream companies but unsure of your rates or how to reach out? 

The Influencer marketing bible will teach you all the secrets of the industry including what brands look for in an influencer, how you can position yourself to be picked + what you should be charging!

This Bible was made from the knowledge I’ve learned  from 4+ years of working with top brands like HP, Adairs, Hello Fresh and Tip Top as a content creator for Tastefully Tash. I’ve also conducted multiple influencer campaigns on behalf of businesses through Ace the Gram  so I know what businesses are looking for in a potential influencer.

After reading this bible, you will be able to approach brands and collaborations with confidence and professionalism. You will learn all the tools to create your own kick-ass media kit and how to get on PR lists to start receiving more goodies to share with your followers!


  • How to determine your value as an influencer and how to figure out what niche you fall into
  • Optimising your profile so you’re ready to collaborate with brands
  • Creating your value proposition 
  • The industry recommended influencer marketing rates
  • The techniques and ways to get in front of the brands you want to work with. Includes communication tips.
  • The typical types of collaborations that take place so you know which type fits you and your goals.
  • The tools and recipe you need to make your own media kit
  • The step by step ways to create your media kit + start reaching out to brands




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