Tastefullytash Lightroom Presets – Mobile


Do you want to take your content to the next level with a click of a button?

Short-cut your photography journey by using Lightroom Presets.

Lightroom Presets are pre-edited settings you can apply to your photos.

Through my 5+ years of photo editing experience I’ve created the ultimate presets to make your photos thumb-stopping. Lightroom Presets give your feed a beautiful consistent aesthetic and bring out the best in your photography!

  • 8 custom Presets (editing settings)designed to be used on the free mobile app “Lightroom”
  • Includes all my 8+ years of editing knowledge built into 8 beautiful presets. These are my go-to presets I use to edit all my imagery for @tastefullytash.
  • Options for different types of imagery (landscape, food, lifestyle, portrait)
  • Download includes instructions for downloading the presets onto your phone and how to use them




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