Around 8 years ago we went on a family skiing trip to Japan. To get the full cultural experience Mum and Dad took us to Tokyo first. I remember expecting lots of sushi and rice…instead I was introduced to a huge range of “ramen bowls”.

Warm nourishing bowls of noodles, meat, egg, and broth or creamy sauce. I definitely took a while to warm up to them but by the end of the trip, I was obsessed.

Ippin Ramen & bowl specialises in Traditional Tonkotsu Ramen and Japanese Comfort Food called ‘Donburi’ or Japanese Poke Rice Bowl.

They use locally sourced ingredients, freshly cooked toppings, and you can choose any combination you want!

I opted for a traditional Tonkotsu Ramen bowl, and ordered a poke bowl, and chicken ramen bowl for my boyfriend and his Dad.

For my ramen bowl, I opted for an egg on top! This is one of my favourite parts of the bowl – a soft boiled egg halved on top of the bowl. Warm protein + extra flavour!

Unrelated to the food, I loved the authentic-looking Japanese bowls the food came in and the sunny spot by the window where Ippin Ramen is located.

Ippin Ramen is in The Observatory next to Event Cinemas in Tauranga Crossing and has an excellent view of the outside dining/activity area (great for people watching).

I will definitely be back! Ippin Ramen is open from 9am-9pm everyday!

See you there 😉