It’s that time of year… there’s a function on every night, work is hectic and the list of all the things to organise before Christmas is getting longer!

To take a break from the craziness I took an afternoon out of my Friday to go to the Crossing with my friend Rata. We wanted to do some Christmas shopping, catch up and have some lunch!

As soon as we arrived at Tauranga Crossing, we were met by the massive and beautifully decorated Christmas tree out the front! Great photo op ;).

We strolled around the mall admiring all the Christmas decorations and searching for all of the Christmas deals, too many to choose from! As we wandered through the mall both Rata and I felt increasingly more festive and it really felt like Christmas was just around the corner.

After a bit of shopping we decided it was time for a quick energy boost and stopped in at Muffin Break for a delicious muffin.

A couple more hours of shopping and it was time to stop for lunch, so we stopped in at Majestic Tea Bar where we ordered a veggie stack and a warm filo, both came with delicious side salads – certainly enough to fill us up for another session in the shops.

As we were leaving, we couldn’t avoid the amazing cabinet food and picked up a festive gingerbread to keep us going on the move. The cabinet was full of amazing Christmas themed treats and chocolates that would make perfect little gifts, or treats to take to a Christmas party.

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