One of the number one questions I get on my @tastefullytash Instagram is regarding photo editing.

Perfecting photo editing can take years. I remember being 13 years old and finding out I could enhance the look of my photography after I’d shot the photo! I oversaturated everything and contrasted my images until I’d absolutely ruined them.

Years of tweaking my images using every app under the sun finally led me to Lightroom. Lightroom is hands down the best photo editing software I’ve ever come across. I can almost guarantee you that your favourite images from your favourite photographers have been edited on Lightroom.

Instead of getting you to learn all the ins and outs of editing the perfect photo, I’ve put together 12 different editing settings you can apply to automatically edit your photos!! Each photo is different so I’ve made 12 different types to suit you. You can tweak each to reflect your own style!

For the first 48 hours I’ll be offering the presets at $37, then the price will go up. We sell the other presets for $69, so make sure you take advantage of the launch special HERE

It’s SO EXCITING starting to see all your great feedback from people already using them:

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