Ubud Rice Fields

Just touched down back in NZ after two weeks in Bali and I don’t think I’ve left my bed yet… the jetlag is real.

SO it’s the perfect opportunity to write this blog post on Bali while it’s all still fresh! Here is a small summary of our trip and my recommendations on where to go/stay/eat/see!

I went to Bali for two weeks on a work/travel/content trip with my business partner Viv. We wanted to work from a different place and escape the NZ winter. Viv and I run an Instagram specialist consulting/information agency and admin the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/instagramgrowthandengagement/.

Viv and I spent our time split between Uluwatu, Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud. I’ll separate my recommendations into those areas!


The first few days we had the pleasure of staying in http://www.ownvilla.com/ . This was the perfect beginning to Bali as it was less than 2 hours from the airport and in between Seminyak and Canggu. Own Villa’ has a select villas all set around an infinity pool. Our experience here was complete bliss. The villa was next level, the staff were lovely and the people we met who were also staying there were amazing.

We hired a scooter from Own Villas (had a crash course in scooter riding) and headed to Canggu to explore!

Canguu was my favourite place in Bali. It’s got a young and alive vibe while staying beachy and laid back. It’s bursting with healthy places to eat, yogi’s, surfers, digital nomads and is definitely the up-and-coming Bali destination.

Canggu must go to places are:

  • The Lawn! A beautiful beachside outdoor bar and restaurant. White umbrellas sprawled out on the lawn by a pool overlooking the beach. This place had amazing vibes and was the perfect place to watch our first Bali sunset.
  • Vida Cafe. Had life-changing pumpkin soup and raw treats. Such an array of delicious menu food and beautiful aesthetic.
  • Explore the shops and main street. Take a photo with the “Old Mans” wall by the beach bar.
  • Dojo Co-working space. Set next to Nalu Bowls this place had excellent wifi, a pool, amazing people and day pass access.
  • The Shady Shack. AMAZING array of deliciousness. All things healthy and “normal” food too.
  • Villa Paz. The beautiful fully kitted out Villa we got to stay at 5 minutes from the main Canggu shops/beach.



Seminyak was a bustling beautiful place full of hidden gems. We stayed at a central homestay here which was ridiculously cheap, had no frills but was in an incredible location. Must do Seminyak things are:

  • Kynd Community cafe. The classic pink walls and Bali writing bowls are found here and they do not disappoint. Viv also got a bounty ball that was so delicious she got one at every Bali cafe for the rest of the trip – hoping to recreate the delicious experience.
  • Sea Circus. Another Insta spot I had to hit up. Full of colour, amazing walls and amazing food.
  • Potato Head Beach Club – This place knocked our socks off. We showed up totally underestimating this establishment. In contrast to the rest of Bali it’s huge, developed and a total party spot. Amazing for an evening drink or an afternoon chill session.
  • Mad Pops. The vegan ice cream hole in the wall joint that you would have definitely seen on Instagram. Defined by its “ice ice baby” writing on the wall, we went to this place for an Instagram shot… then the taste of the ice cream changed ice cream forever for me. I had choc and coffee and Viv had Choc mint and something else and they were literally beyond mouth watering. We went back each day we were in the area. If you happen to see Mad Pops ice blocks around, they are just as good. I. cannot. recommend. these. enough.
  • Nalu Bowls. Every Instagrammer must-do.
  • The Shelter Seminyak cafe. Located above Nalu Bowls this place has a 8 page menu full of foodie heaven. Fresh, delicious flavour packed healthy food.
  • Visit a fruit stall on the side of the road! We got 3 bags of fresh tropical fruit for $4 NZD



Viv and I escaped to Ubud as we wanted a place to work with less distractions to smash out our video course. Ubud was the perfect beautiful hideaway. The energy was immediately more chill, the streets were beautiful and we got our first taste of Monkeys!  We ended up staying 4 nights here, partly because we scored a cheap and amazing place to stay in the heart of Ubud called ‘Dewi Ayu’. The staff here were angels, it had a pool, good air con, lovely rooms and was such a bargain!

Must do Ubud finds are:

  • The Monkey Forest! Explore the forest and see all the Monkeys. This was Vivs highlight of the whole trip. You could watch the Monkeys for hours and never get bored as they are incredibly entertaining and cute. I personally wasn’t a big fan of having them too near me but lots of people like feeding them and having them climb up on them
  • Soma cafe. Beautiful healthy food, amazing array of healthy desserts and menu excitement and lovely location
  • The crepe place on the same little street up from Soma Cafe. This street was full of hidden gems so you have to go there! It was a raw, vegan foodies dream. The menu at the crepe cafe was themed Lord of the Rings and the whole experience was straight out of a fairytale
  • The Yoga Barn. The heart of Ubud for many people as it’s a yoga mecca.
  • Clear Cafe. Our amazing new Entrepreneur friends (shout out to Sabrina and Paul) showed us this place. The door is a huge revolving circle mandala, and the interior is stunning. All healthy menu options too ofc (I even tried Noni juice…)
  • Alchemy cafe. Build your own smoothie bowl.
  • Ubud waterfalls! Go on an adventure to the beautiful waterfalls surrounding the area
  • Mozaic restaurant. The loveliest staff on the planet and food full of traditional Indonesian flavours
  • Earth Cafe. This place also has a delightful whole foodie shop attached.
  • Ubud markets!! Save your shopping for here!! Amazing clothes, fabrics, trinkets and fab prices
  • Ubud Rice Fields! Visit the beautiful green rice fields you’ve seen in Bali travel pics!



The only place in Bali I didn’t immediately fall in love with partly because of our initial slightly sub par accom situation (complete with dust bath, no hot water and bugs). Uluwatu definitely came through in the end with some of our best days and a very eventful night out in Single Fin (I may have got overexcited by the Kombucha + Vodka cocktails).

Must see/do things are:

  • We had the pleasure of going to Jumana Clifftop Restaurant for a 3 course lunch at Banyan Tree resort. We had just left our first accom nightmare so arriving to full service, golf buggie 5 star amazingness was pure bliss. The food was impeccable, the views were phenomenal and the people were glorious.
  • S Hidden Resort. We stayed here for two nights and it was amazing! Yoga in the mornings, Mad Pops ice creams for dessert, multiple pools, fab food and an excellent place to finish off some work.
  • Padang Padang Beach! Beautiful clear, warm water, Monkeys for entertainment and ultimate tropical holiday vibes.
  • Single Fin. Definitely should be the top of your list for Uluwatu. It’s the heart Uluwatu with panoramic ocean views. Have dinner there, rewind after a day at the beach and take in the exceptional views of surfers at sunset. This was our choice for our night out in Bali and it definitely did not disappoint
  • Coco & Poke Bowls – stock Cocowhip and delicious Poke bowls. Located in Single Fin.


There is so many other little gems I’ll leave you to discover yourselves. Please put Bali at the top of your holiday list. It is truely a magical place <3


The view from Single Fin

Coco & Poke

The deadly Kombucha + Vodka combo

Single Fin Uluwatu

Ubud intrepid adventures

Ubud waterfall hunting

Ubud adventures

We found the sign!

Ubud Rice Fields

Bali street friends

Accommodation Roulette

Ubud Monkey Forest

Clear Cafe choices

Ubud markets

Dinnertime in Ubud

Favourite Street in Ubud

Favourite Seminyak Cafe

Dojo Co-working Space Canggu

Nalu Bowls!

Sea Circus deliciousness

Bali Food

Mad Pops Seminyak.

Market Goodies

Villa Paz Canggu

Villa Paz Canggu

Villa Paz Canggu

Viv creating the “Insta Money Shot”

Villa Paz. Low productivity day haha

No.1 Bali Stop

Own Villa Friends

Own Villa

Kynd Bowls

Kynd Community Cafe

Streetside Fruit Stalls!

Own Villa

Own Villa Brekky

Ubud late night treats

Losing light in the Rice Fields

Ubud waterfalls

Villa Paz

Shelter Seminyak

Shelter Seminyak

Late night Ubud Adventures

Ubud Monkey Forest